Eternal Crusade: Resurrection

This is a non-commercial remake of a Warhammer Multiplayer Shooter

Feature 01

Made by JediKnightChannel

Our previous projects include Russian localization of Star Wars: The Old Republic — an MMORPG made by BioWare, English localization of Kantai Collection, Russian localization of Star Wars: Galaxies.

Feature 02

Unreal Engine 5

The game is developed on the most modern open-source engine — Unreal Engine 5. Though our resources to create advanced graphics are limited, we still do our best.

Feature 03

P2P Gaming

The game will never be closed, as the players host the matches themselves. Most likely, we will have the Dedicated Game Servers available in the prime-time.

Free and Non Commercial

ECR was developed by Warhammer 40K fans for fans. With the P2P matchmaking and the free usage of the Epic Games Online Services, this game will remain forever free.